Rapid Prototyping

Discover a new lightning fast way to prototype your assembled printed circuit boards. We “Do it all”, check you Bill of Materials, check your Gerber files, procure your parts, make your blank PCBs then assemble them, in as little as 5 days. Using 15 years’ experience of rapid prototyping and a proven work flow we are the best and fastest at assembled PCB Prototyping. Our PCB capability is 2 to 10 layer ridged PCB FR4, 3 mil track and space, 6 mil drill (80um track and gap, 0.15mm drill) with impedance control. From just 1 to 100 in as little as 5 days. Assembly services include Ultra Fine pitch BGAs and Discrete components down to 0201’s.

Discover the new way get your product to market quicker:

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