Rapid Prototyping

Discover a new lightning fast way to prototype your assembled printed circuit boards. We “Do it all”, check you Bill of Materials, check your Gerber files , procure your parts, make your blank PCBs then assemble them, in as little as 5 days. Using 15 years’ experience of rapid prototyping and a proven work flow. We are the best and fastest at assembled PCB Prototyping. Our PCB capability is 2 to 10 layer ridged PCB FR4, 3 mil, 3 mil space , 6 mil drill / 80um track , 80um gap and 0.15mm drill with impedance control. From just 1 to 100 in as little as 2 days, we run our production line 24 / 7. Ultra Fine pitch BGAs, QFNs, components down to 0402s we can handle.

Discover the new way get your product to market quicker:

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